Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Destined Burn

The more I find, before my eyes
The gridded lights of tomorrow
Wired awake and burning cold, the more that
Painful bright seems translucent and
Just out of reach

My attention is
Diverted by diverging lines
Which sweep through and seep
Into me and stretch into frightful, eternal space
Like LA from the approach

But I am trapped in-
side a box with the rigid Now;
Unbending, cyclic
Epiphany follows regression, regression
Chases epiphany again, again, again

Today I can
Accept it, take it all in stride
You are, like me, imperfect and beautiful and I can
Accept it with open heart but
Tomorrow it’s unbearable

You are perfect again
And I am a stain on the curtains.


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