Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Emma's Eyes and the Seaside

Looking through the windows
of fragile, gemstone blue
a looking glass, a portal,
a song begins on cue.

It feels as if a raft is
riding rapids in my chest.
It feels as if I’m coming home
to calm after the quest.

How can a simple pair
of eyes speak vividly to me?
“We will cross the borderline,
the gap across the sea.”

And though the dreams might haunt me
sending shadows in the night,
a beacon helps me find the way
from eyes of blue too bright.

And in that beacon’s shining gaze
I know I’ll find the shore,
and I can dock there safely
and be with my love once more.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Aileron Song

That tarot smile has got me aching
Honey drip eyes upturned to heaven
“Somewhere out there
the story of our lives is written”

Did you really know we were ready to go?
Torn up, ripped up, metal debris
Little bits of fire falling into the sea

She’s locked me in with words of reason
Can’t seem to breathe, the air’s recycled
Fixed on this path, I’m acting like
My aileron is broken

What’s the answer from above?
What truth pulled from the ether?
God looks at us and shrugs and smiles,
says “I don’t get it either”

The turbines cough, the engine splutters
We can’t compete with such resistance
Luck takes no sides, it isn’t fair
But what were we expecting?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Don’t Belong Here (Positively Grant Street)

What am I doing here in this place?
Cigar smoke blown into my face
Made to feel like a fucking disgrace
My so-called friends leave me displaced
Among the phony's and their lines
Imported beer, designer wines
And do I like the new design?
It’s driving me out of my mind
The expression on my face is
Cold and stony

Invited for the sake of form
The people watch with looks of scorn
Some of ‘em wish I was never born
And even the drunk that mopes and mourns
Is about a million times more
Welcome than I am through that door
It’s about image and nothing more
And not even my sweet Lenore
Could convince me it was anything
Else but phony

The chain-linked circles lock me out
The social scene, the verbal joust
You’ll get your way, you’ll moan and pout
It all leaves me without a doubt
The glittered sparkled make-up eyes
Of deepest blue they can’t disguise
the thinly veiled threats and lies
the hostility behind your eyes
The unspoken warning that the
Cat’s got claws

And “he said”, “she said” let’s take sides
The petty squabbles and the cries
And though their brain cells might be fried
Even the junkies have their pride
And I’m not here to get involved
I don’t even think Sherlock Holmes could solve
The mysteries of those who are so devolved
And yeah I got a lot of resolve
But don’t ask for my opinion if all you really want
Is to hear yours

How did I get mixed up in this?
The brightly coloured curb-side mist
and broken glass and flowing piss
The lovers locked in deadly tryst
The blood red tint across the moon
The endless loop, the same old tunes
The fiery ashen scream comes soon
I wanna retreat to my cocoon
And act just like nothing
Even happened.

But what’s the use in trying to run?
They got me trapped they’ve already won,
There ain’t no knife, no sword, nor gun
No shield to save me from the sun
Of painful glaring bright white eyes
That pierce the soul and condemn the mind
And leave you stripped naked and blind
A coiled spring you can’t unwind
So stay on your toes and don’t let ‘em
Catch you nappin’

How am I gonna get outta this rut?
Surrounded by these hungry sluts
And this one looks like Jabba the Hutt,
And the scar on my hand from the cigarette butt
That you stabbed me with in your drunken haze
And the fevered sweat in the dancer’s cage
And the boys are going along with the craze
In the desperate hope they might get laid
And the mother’s all sit at home and pray
That their kids have been taught well enough to stay
Out of trouble and wear coats ‘case it rains
But if only they knew that there is no way
That the kids are ever gonna do anything else but act stupid
They’re barely lucid

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Agent in Japan

Remy was a man
he was living in Japan
he said “In the neon city
I can forget who I am”
He drinks his cup of joe
in the morning ‘fore he goes
and then he disappears
into the streets of Tokyo

You can run
you can run
but you can’t forget
you’re walking on a tightrope,
you haven’t fallen yet
You can hide
you can hide
from the things that they said
but they’re still scratching chalkboards
inside your head

He finds it hard to sleep,
dreams he’s drowning in the deep
he’s locked away a secret
that nobody should keep
The images replay
like the helicopter blades
and pretty soon his mind could blow
just like that grenade

The sky’s overcast,
the people pressing past
he’ll never be alone again
he’ll never be the last
He’s never truly free,
he drinks too much sake
and all that gets him through the nights
is karaoke

Friday, October 9, 2009

Davy was a Drifter

It’s a lonely speeding train
that runs along my chosen track
there’s nothing runnin’ parallel
there ain’t no turning back

My name is Davy
I live on borrowed time
There’s a constant ache
in my railroad spine

I’m trying to make new friends
like it’s some emergency
but they speak in codes and riddles
on another frequency

This cold world
is a mountain I can’t climb
There’s a constant ache
in my railroad spine

I swam in the Dead Sea
but I couldn’t stay afloat
Everyone was laughin’
‘fore I’d even told the joke

There’s a bent and rusted person
sleepin’ in the marbled sun
in the cities central circle
but he’s visible to none

My name is Davy
I live on borrowed time
There’s a constant ache
in my railroad spine

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mind Games

she doesn’t look at me
the way she did before
she stares so angrily
but she don’t use the door

She looked at me with those
dull windshield eyes
raised a brow
and looked away into the sky

I don’t want to argue
I don’t mean no harm
it feels like struggling
to keep an ocean calm

A fragile glass breaks
in a corner of my mind
It’s even sadder that these golden years
are meant to be our prime

I’m on the podium
but then you take the floor
When did our love become
an endless game of tug-of-war?

You said I broke you into pieces
like a teacup in a storm
well we owe it to each other
to not let this be the norm

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Day This Is Not

We met in a bar
she said come to my car
and we can go back to my place
It was all in good fun
‘til she pulled out a gun
and the colour, it drained from my face
This wasn’t as planned
I held up my hands
an’ she took everything that I got
And though I wasn’t dead
I still shook my head
‘cause clearly my day this was not

So I walked on alone
and when I got home
the wife asked me where I had been
Though I did not confess
she still smelled my breath
and soon she had started to scream
“Go on explain,
why I should remain
or else sign here on the dot!”
So now I was divorced
I felt such remorse
clearly my day this was not

My feet were like lead
so to go clear my head
I went off and sailed to the coast
And amongst the sea air
and the mermaids so fair
I felt I had something to boast
But as I came into dock
the keel struck a rock
and soon it’d sunk my yacht
And as I swam ashore
I couldn’t take anymore
clearly my day this was not

But through it all
I’d get up when I fall
say “Tomorrow’s another day”
For if it was not
then myself I’d boycott
‘stead of pushing on through the fray
When it’s getting me down
I try not to frown
though I often feel it’s my lot
I’ll keep moving on
‘til the day I am gone
but the last of my days this is not

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Are you afraid?
Static-coloured sky

Feel the vibrations
Social minefield
Watch your step
Watch your step
Where’s it gonna land?

Hitler’s in the parking lot
In the dirt

Watch your back
Keep your eyes on
The Blue Gate
The Blue Gate
Guards are on the edge

Keep away from me
Those tombstone teeth
Barbed-wire hair
Ripping up my face
Hurts my eyes
Bomb-scare breath
Leave me gasping
Where’s the mask?
Where’s the mask?
The dark eyes?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Goodbye to Gollierstrasse

Audrey eyed us from above
With cigarette in hand
The snow ticks past at 2 am
when sleep is in demand
Andy’s smiling shyly now
At me in triplicate
The afterimage burning
In a screen inside my head
It’s time to say goodbye to eyes like mine
To eyes like mine

It’s history repeating
Music playing in a loop
It’s a story in the news for weeks
But I don’t know the scoop
The gridded streets surround me
Looking totally the same
I try so hard to lose myself
But end up here again
It’s time to say goodbye to eyes like mine
To eyes like mine

What do you need to hear?
What do you want me to say?
I’ll spin you anything you want
I’ll tell you night is day

The mirage words bounced off me
But they left a subtle mark
I’m struggling to make a move
My body’s stuck in park
I’m hoping the paralysis’s
A temporary thing
But I can’t help but feeling like
A bee that’s used it’s sting
It’s time to say goodbye to eyes like mine
To eyes like mine

Sunday, October 4, 2009


When I walk the street
my ear’s to the ground
I don’t want to meet
don’t want you around
Don’t want to see
your silverfish smile
Don’t wanna get caught
in the broken turnstile

Your saccharine words
just came out as hiss
The garden’s bright serpent
and apostle kiss
Why can’t you see
you brought this to an end?
So don’t expect me
to still call you friend

Back then I was blind
you were cruel and unkind
but I just didn’t learn
Now you’ve been confined
to a space in my mind
a place where you don’t return

When you were around
sometimes it seemed
my conscience whispered
when it should’ve screamed
I should’ve seen
the die it was cast
The state of your mind
was a ship with no mast

I was sick of your boasts
and of being the host
to all your parasitic lies
Though we were once close
if I had another dose
of you, I think I’d die

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Each Town's Saloon

The golden sky
catches his eye
The setting sun’s
got him on the run

He rides from town to town
then disappears
A man of such renown
a man without fear
He lies, cheats and steals
in each town’s saloon
An ace up each sleeve
a showdown every noon

“This time he’s gone too far!”
Sheriff decreed
“We’re gonna hunt him down”
“We’re gonna make him bleed”
Old Willie’s sold him out
Big Red is dead
The townsfolk’s greedy shout
for the price upon his head

The sheriff’s closing in
he’s handy in a pinch
The posse march on through
they’re crying for the lynch
Under that setting sun
in a foreign land
He once more grabs his gun
for this, his final stand

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Ballad of Des

He works at the local fish market
on weekends as a checkout teller
The look in his eyes says “Fuck it”
but deep down he’s a real nice feller
He looks out from behind his vacant eyes
and tries to find a reason why
he puts up with what everybody says
His name’s Des

What he’s thinking, I can’t tell
what is his secret wish?
To escape the clientele
or the constant smell of fish?
He stares out from behind his cold eyes
and dies a little more inside
for all I know he’s probably on meds
Well that’s Des

Salmon, herring, bass and flounder
Des is anchored to the checkout counter
Freedom seems forever out of reach
when your stuck selling lemons at a dollar twenty each

Des gazes from behind his tired eyes
and tries to find a reason not to cry
Perhaps to cheer him up I’ll buy some PEZ
For poor Des

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two Directions

There’s an icy wind a-whippin’
down the alleyways outside
and an awful silence playin’
over again in my mind
There’s a broken wall between us
and a street without a sign
now you’ll be headin’ your way
and I’ll have to move in mine

As my feet strike the sidewalk
the sky seems just as grey
as the church bells sorrowed singing
closing out another day
Well there’s history behind us
and the pain is in the past
and the sun again is setting
and nothing gold can last

One of us was always tryin’
to rule with an iron fist
but we couldn’t see each other
through the murkiness and mist
But I’m sure I will be seeing
things much clearer the next time
while you head in your direction
I’ll go heading off in mine.

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