Sunday, October 4, 2009


When I walk the street
my ear’s to the ground
I don’t want to meet
don’t want you around
Don’t want to see
your silverfish smile
Don’t wanna get caught
in the broken turnstile

Your saccharine words
just came out as hiss
The garden’s bright serpent
and apostle kiss
Why can’t you see
you brought this to an end?
So don’t expect me
to still call you friend

Back then I was blind
you were cruel and unkind
but I just didn’t learn
Now you’ve been confined
to a space in my mind
a place where you don’t return

When you were around
sometimes it seemed
my conscience whispered
when it should’ve screamed
I should’ve seen
the die it was cast
The state of your mind
was a ship with no mast

I was sick of your boasts
and of being the host
to all your parasitic lies
Though we were once close
if I had another dose
of you, I think I’d die

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