Saturday, October 3, 2009

Each Town's Saloon

The golden sky
catches his eye
The setting sun’s
got him on the run

He rides from town to town
then disappears
A man of such renown
a man without fear
He lies, cheats and steals
in each town’s saloon
An ace up each sleeve
a showdown every noon

“This time he’s gone too far!”
Sheriff decreed
“We’re gonna hunt him down”
“We’re gonna make him bleed”
Old Willie’s sold him out
Big Red is dead
The townsfolk’s greedy shout
for the price upon his head

The sheriff’s closing in
he’s handy in a pinch
The posse march on through
they’re crying for the lynch
Under that setting sun
in a foreign land
He once more grabs his gun
for this, his final stand

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