Friday, October 2, 2009

The Ballad of Des

He works at the local fish market
on weekends as a checkout teller
The look in his eyes says “Fuck it”
but deep down he’s a real nice feller
He looks out from behind his vacant eyes
and tries to find a reason why
he puts up with what everybody says
His name’s Des

What he’s thinking, I can’t tell
what is his secret wish?
To escape the clientele
or the constant smell of fish?
He stares out from behind his cold eyes
and dies a little more inside
for all I know he’s probably on meds
Well that’s Des

Salmon, herring, bass and flounder
Des is anchored to the checkout counter
Freedom seems forever out of reach
when your stuck selling lemons at a dollar twenty each

Des gazes from behind his tired eyes
and tries to find a reason not to cry
Perhaps to cheer him up I’ll buy some PEZ
For poor Des

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