Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two Directions

There’s an icy wind a-whippin’
down the alleyways outside
and an awful silence playin’
over again in my mind
There’s a broken wall between us
and a street without a sign
now you’ll be headin’ your way
and I’ll have to move in mine

As my feet strike the sidewalk
the sky seems just as grey
as the church bells sorrowed singing
closing out another day
Well there’s history behind us
and the pain is in the past
and the sun again is setting
and nothing gold can last

One of us was always tryin’
to rule with an iron fist
but we couldn’t see each other
through the murkiness and mist
But I’m sure I will be seeing
things much clearer the next time
while you head in your direction
I’ll go heading off in mine.

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