Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Day This Is Not

We met in a bar
she said come to my car
and we can go back to my place
It was all in good fun
‘til she pulled out a gun
and the colour, it drained from my face
This wasn’t as planned
I held up my hands
an’ she took everything that I got
And though I wasn’t dead
I still shook my head
‘cause clearly my day this was not

So I walked on alone
and when I got home
the wife asked me where I had been
Though I did not confess
she still smelled my breath
and soon she had started to scream
“Go on explain,
why I should remain
or else sign here on the dot!”
So now I was divorced
I felt such remorse
clearly my day this was not

My feet were like lead
so to go clear my head
I went off and sailed to the coast
And amongst the sea air
and the mermaids so fair
I felt I had something to boast
But as I came into dock
the keel struck a rock
and soon it’d sunk my yacht
And as I swam ashore
I couldn’t take anymore
clearly my day this was not

But through it all
I’d get up when I fall
say “Tomorrow’s another day”
For if it was not
then myself I’d boycott
‘stead of pushing on through the fray
When it’s getting me down
I try not to frown
though I often feel it’s my lot
I’ll keep moving on
‘til the day I am gone
but the last of my days this is not

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